Add To Your WishlistHandmade Hound Waterproof Training Line - 10m

Add To Your WishlistHandmade Hound Waterproof Training Line - 10m

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  • Description

    Recall lines allow your dog to have freedom whilst out in public, yet remain under control.

    They are a fantastic tool to use when recall training, keeping your dog safe as well as giving you that important peace of mind.

    These lines are made by Handmade Hound using a PVC coated webbing material which is waterproof, strong and durable.

    All lines come with a handle and a strong nickel snap hook.

    We love the material that these lines are made from because they are super grippy and don't pick up debris like some of the other soft webbing lines do - perfect for the beach!  They don't tangle as easily as the soft webbing lines either which is a huge bonus.


    All lines from Handmade Hound are 10m long.

    We provide lines in different widths; 13mm & 16mm.

    13mm are best suited for puppies and small to medium breeds.

    16mm are best suited for medium to large breeds.

    Care Guide

    To get the best from your long line, keep free of knots.  Rinse in a bucket of water when dirty.  Keep the clip free from debris by rinsing with warm water and patting dry.  ALWAYS rinse after contact with sea water and sand, including the clip.  Please bear in mind that no line is chew proof!


    This line should NEVER be attached to a dog's collar if the dog is running free. 

    If you stand on the line to stop your dog in it's tracks, you will likely cause serious damage to the soft tissues around your dog's neck.  Only use this line with a body harness.