About Us

The Confident Canines Kitchen is owned by Emma Cowie-Shaw who set up the sister company 'Confident Canines Dog Training' back in 2015, based in Leyland, Lancashire.

Being an experienced and well qualified dog trainer, Emma understands that nutrition and diet contributes to and hugely influences behaviour, therefore it is important that dogs are given the right diet rather than highly processed food.  

From this knowledge, the Confident Canines Kitchen was born!   Here, we provide high quality natural products that are tried and tested by our own dogs and many client's dogs, satisfying even the most picky eaters and catering for food intolerances and allergies too.  

Our core range of locally produced grain free dog food is made to order here in Lancashire, available in a range of flavours with different kibble sizes for the small and large breeds, and even a puppy-specific range to help support those rapidly developing joints!

Our foods are produced using only the highest quality ingredients, containing a whopping 65% meat or fish content with no artificial additives or preservatives, and definitely no grains!  

All ingredients are responsibly sourced - in fact you can check the provenance out yourselves using the handy QR codes on the bags that will tell you all about where the ingredients have come from!

In addition, we also offer a great range of natural chews, treats, enrichment toys and training aids - everything you need to provide for your dog in the healthiest way possible!