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    The HALTI Training Lead is a firm favourite with dog trainers worldwide due to it's versatility and comfort in use.

    With three different length options, the HALTI Training Lead can be used for general walking or obedience training. 

    The lead can be used in a number of different configurations such as clipping around your waist for hands-free training or walking, or looping over your shoulder.  You can also tether your dog to a fixed object if required to ensure their safety.

    The extra length in the lead is particularly useful during various training exercises, especially when working on settles.

    When used in conjunction with a well-fitting harness, the double trigger clip design provides optimum steering from the front and the back of the dog, which gives brilliant control for non-pull training.

    The lead is made from a soft padded material which makes it very comfortable to hold, but it is extremely strong so can be used with all sizes of dog - even if they are pullers!


    The Small HALTI Training Lead measures 2m long and 15mm wide.

    The Large HALTI Training Lead measures 2m long and 25mm wide.