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    Mental enrichment is very important for dogs, and can be used to your advantage if your dog has excess energy around the house.  Any mental activities tire a dog out (in a good way), and are fun for your dog to work at.  These types of activities also encourage problem solving which is an important life skill for a dog to have.

    Uses for a Snuffling Mat

    Snuffling mats are very rewarding and satisfying for a dog to use.  All dogs enjoy sniffing and snuffling!  

    • If your dog is a fast eater, using a snuffling mat will slow down their eating.  If your dog isn't hugely excited when it comes to mealtimes, snuffling mats can turn mealtimes into a fun exercise - having to seek and snuffle for their food is much more interesting and rewarding for a dog than simply eating out of a boring bowl.
    • Snuffling mats can be used to improve your training too; teaching your dog to sit and wait while you are hiding the treats will build self control. 
    • You can use the snuffling mat as a reward in your training too - instead of giving your dog a treat from your hand to their mouth, scatter a couple of treats in the snuffling mat for them to find.  This will raise the reward. 
    • Snuffling mats provide a positive distraction for dogs in difficult situations that they may not be totally comfortable with.  You could take the mat with you to the groomers or the vets, or take it along to cafes or pubs to aid your settle training whilst out in public.

    How to Use

    Simply scatter some dried treats amongst the fleece strips and let your dog loose to snuffle in and around the mat to search out the goodies!  The smellier the treats to start with, the easier it will be for your dog to sniff out the food.

    To make the exercise more difficult, you can hide the treats underneath the mat.


    These snuffling mats provide a good snuffling area of 60cm x 40cm.


    The snuffling mats can be washed on a gentle 40 degree wash but should be air-dried.


    The snuffling mats are made in a number of different colour combinations.  If you have a preference of boy/girl colours please state this on your order and we will do our best to satisfy your request but cannot guarantee which design you will receive.