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    Licky mats are a great alternative to Kongs and other similar food-stuffed toys. 

    Simply spread something tasty across the mat and pop in the freezer!

    The Lickimat Wobble is a bowl-shaped wobbling licky toy, providing a different, more difficult challenge to the standard licky mat.

    Mental enrichment is very important for dogs, and can be used to your advantage if your dog has excess energy around the house.  Any mental activities tire a dog out (in a good way), and are fun for your dog to work at.  These types of activities also encourage problem solving which is an important life skill for a dog to have


    • Made from natural rubber
    • Freezer safe
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Turn inside out for easy application of food

    Size:- 8cm x 16.5cm diameter.  Suitable for any size of dog.